May 6th, 2015

Dr. Tectonic

Too much stuff

Aw, geez, falling way behind.

We did dining out for life last Thursday with Bob & Pyro and Matt & Jason and... a couple friends of theirs whose names I have forgotten, because I am terrible with names. We went to Jewel of India, and as usual, it was delicious.

Friday we went to see Avengers 2, which I enjoyed muchly. It's a long movie, but I didn't feel it. The first ten minutes or so, the 3-D really seemed like a pop-up book to me, but after that either it got better, or my eyes adjusted to it. I have heard complaints about the farmhouse bits, but honestly, those were some of my favorite parts. We saw it at Cinebarre, and I was good, and had a salad.

Plans to join a group for dim sum Saturday morning fell victim to oogy digestion. We recovered in time to go to 1-Up in the afternoon for Garrett's birthday party. They have Oversize Jenga, which is probably more fun than regular Jenga. Also 4-player Versus Pac-Man! Jerry stayed there and hung out with that group; I can home and rested for a bit then went over to Floyd's for games. It ended up being just me and him; we played a game of Star Realms and a couple of Dominion.

Sunday I attempted to be productive, with varying degrees of success. I did get bills paid, and I fixed the sticky knife switch on the minivan with a couple squirts of WD-40. I also bought a replacement headlight bulb for the Jetta, which I was not able to get changed. The old one was really stuck, and I had to pull out the tools to try to get it twisted around to where it would come out. I got it most of the way, and then the plastic bits started breaking and before long I had to give up. (I was resigned to taking it in to the garage to get them to pull out the old bulb, but then yesterday Monkey took a look at it and was actually able to get it out -- apparently I had turned it enough, and just didn't pull hard enough afterwards. So hooray! I guess it wasn't as much of a disaster as I thought.)

Work has been feeling a bit ack-too-much-to-do stressy lately, but I banged out the content part of a Letter of Intent and a couple annual reviews and a draft of a new position description, so now it feels a bit better and hopefully it won't be too long before I can go back to doing actual science-y things instead of just administrative writing.

Also I read a paper for review and got really annoyed at the authors for having an excellent and interesting idea with a clear and very well-articulated motivation (well, modulo the no native English co-authors aspect of the writing) but then failing to show that their method actually, y'know, DOES anything.