June 4th, 2015


Farewell, Ioliel

O Ioliel. Our sweetie gurl. Miss Princess Jellybean. Queen of the household, fierce guardian, and huntress of the purples. Brave Science Officer and chief investigator of the mysterious ways of water. The shower watcher. Bibilina. Miss Long-Tail. Bibs. Miss Kitty-Beans.

Our little kitty-girl is gone.

This morning she was weak and wouldn't eat or drink. She had lost a lot of weight, and for the first time she refused her medicine when we tried to give it to her. We couldn't get her to take water, either. So we knew the end was near.

We went for a long walk -- an hour and a half -- and explored all over, and she finally was able to unravel the mystery of the garage. She used up the last of her energy, I think, exploring the Outside. It was a good afternoon.

Monkey and I have been crying our eyes out off and on all day.

Dr. Lisa Jacobson, from Home to Heaven, came to our house to give her euthanasia this evening. We wanted it to be at home so that she could be in comfortable surroundings, and didn't need to endure a trip to the vet, and so that Nico could have some awareness of what was happening, and not think that she just disappeared. Dr. Lisa was very skilled and very compassionate and made it all... I can't say easy or good, but more bearable, at least.

The other recommendation I have to make is that if anyone has a cat with kidney problems, Tanya's comprehensive guide to feline chronic kidney disease was a godsend in terms of understanding what was going on and how to deal with it, especially when you come away from every trip to the vet's office with your mind a-whirl with worry.

Oh baby girl! We miss you so much. You were so well-loved.

We will miss you growling at visitors, and chittering at squirrels and bunnies. We will miss being jumped on at cat o'clock in the morning, and having to switch sinks when we go to brush our teeth. We will miss everything about you.

Good night, sweet princess, and may you finally catch that stupid cooing pigeon.

We love you kitty-bibs.

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