July 7th, 2015

ever so slightly mad

Holiday Weekend

This was an excellent vacation weekend: both relaxing and entertaining. Which is good because this week is shaping up to be frenetic.

Friday was a holiday for us, so I went shopping and ran some errands, getting home shortly before Cris and Steve came over. We played Elixir, a fun little card game that Cris has been wanting to play for a while. For dinner we grilled burgers and a bunch of veggies (eggplant, onions, zucchini, green peppers -- miso-mirin sauce on the eggplant, Italian dressing marinade on the others). Everything turned out very tasty. And the rest of the evening we spent just chatting. Socializing. They're good guys.

Saturday was the big down-time day. I did some GM prep for next weekend and read my book and took the cat for a walk, but otherwise just kinda lazed about. We followed the usual plan for the 4th, which was heading over to the Floyds' and walking to the football field near their house to watch fireworks. Bryree and Marty were in town, so we got to catch up with them a bit. Everyone had to relocate down the hill when the sprinklers started up around dusk, and then we had to relocate back in the middle of the fireworks show, but otherwise it was the usual good time.

On Sunday morning Bob & Pyro had a brunch pool party. I brought a ham-and-cheese breakfast casserole, which turned out well. (I hadn't made the recipe before and it seemed a little sketchy when I assembled it the night before, so I was happy that it did, indeed, turn into food.) Monkey had the grumps and stayed home to avoid getting it on anyone. I floated in the pool with bears for a couple-few hours and headed home around 2; we then went over to Jeff & Alice's to visit with Bryree and Marty again before they left.

All in all, a lovely weekend.

This week I am spared attending the big meeting down at NOAA full-time, but I get to bop down there for lunch discussions and a couple talks here and there today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Also I have to write up my contributions to one project and get some data wrangled for another, both by Friday, AND, of course, there's a bunch of stuff to do for the NASA proposal. And all afternoon Monday was one meeting, and all afternoon Thursday will be another, so yeah. Gonna be a little hectic.