September 6th, 2015



We went to an end-of-summer pool party today at Bob & Pyro's with a Hawaiian theme, so I made a quintessentially Hawaiian food for the potluck: spam musubi!

Basically, it's teriyaki spam sushi: you fry up slices of spam in a teriyaki glaze, then press them onto a layer of sushi rice and wrap them in nori. I've had spam musubi at some of the Japanese festivals around here and liked it, so I thought this was an excellent excuse to try making it at home.

Sushi rice is easy (especially if you have a rice cooker like ours), and all the recipes I found online said just slice the spam into slabs, fry 'em up in a skillet, then add some teriyaki sauce (I used 50/50 soy sauce / sugar with a little mirin) and cook it until it thickens. So that was all very simple, and I made most of it last night while a newly-returned Douglas was visiting and borrowing some old D&D books for visual reference for a show he's working on.

The tricky thing is that when it comes to assembly, you really want a mold to press the rice into, and we didn't have a musubi maker. BUT, I did have two empty cans of spam, so I pulled out our (Radio Shack equivalent) dremel and made one by cutting off the top 3/4 inch of the can.

Cutting metal with a dremel is LOUD. And the little cutting disks are really fragile - I broke one just trying to get it attached, and another when I set the thing down after I was all finished. But it worked well once I got everything properly assembled, and I remembered to swap in a grinding bit and smooth out the edges afterwards, so I ended up with a functioning musubi mold and felt really competent. Woo!

And then there was musubi to eat. Yum. (Special thanks to Monkey for helping me with all the assembly.)