September 23rd, 2015

Control Tower

Social Calendar Catch-Up

This evening Jerry and I watched Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), which was... hard to describe. It was good, and very interesting in a "what the hell did I just watch" kind of way where I had no clue what was going to happen next for almost the entire thing. (And then I spent the rest of the evening stripping the DRM off an e-book that I just bought, because I bought it, which means I get to keep it and I'm allowed to read it however I like!)

Last night Douglas came over to return a pile of D&D Monster Manuals and watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World with me while I made a big batch of tabboul-ish salad for tonight's dinner (which turned out well except that something in it made Monkey's tongue break out, so he didn't have very much of it. Boo to biology being stupid!) Also, Douglas won an award for set design. Yay!

Sunday was D&D. Jason runs an encounter-heavy game, which means that I am getting to see some dynamics play out that I haven't seen before. Like, there are a decent number of spells/abilities (especially for the cleric) that amount to "short-circuit this combat if the enemy rolls poorly". Which are clearly working correctly and doing what they're designed to do, they just seem weird to me.

Saturday I ran around shopping for half the day and then we went to a bonfire at Bob & Pyro's, which was quite nice. I made some flourless peanut butter cookies to take, which were... fine for being flourless, I guess.

There was Game Night at Chris's on Thursday (make up for them not happening the previous week). We played a game of (dice) Bang!, and then learned a deck-building game based on the Puzzle Fighter video game, which was pretty cool and which I would have enjoyed except that it's a game that rewards dog-piling on whoever is behind (which was me), and I really dislike games where I feel like I'm being picked on. (I think this is rooted in playing Illuminati with Derek & his brother Shawn back in high school...) I don't mind losing, and I'm mostly okay with games where everybody snipes at the leader, but being targeted when I'm behind really does not bring out my best side. Then we finished off with a game of Machi Koro, which I had a good time losing even though I never once managed to roll the 8 on two dice that would have paid off 30 coins. An 8! Not once! What are the odds?! (Well, (1-5/12)^however many rounds it was -- like 5 or 6, which is a LONG TIME.)

I already posted about all the work-type stuff that's been going on, but then last weekend I went up to Boulder on Saturday afternoon to hang out with Trevor (flwyd) and Kelly for some pre-nuptial well-wishing and games (a round of all-Alchemy Dominion and a game of Love Letters -- the special wedding edition!). And then Saturday evening was a raucous housewarming for Stu & Nick and Jason & Gideon's new place, which is v. swank. (Love the vaulted ceilings! Also, the rent makes me glad we bought a house when we did.) Had a lovely time (aside from that being the day when my wrist got all cranky from overuse.)

So yeah, good times.