December 20th, 2015

Dr. Tectonic


I'm home! With my monkey and my kitties and my own pillows on my own bed!

I had a good AGU with a very full schedule. It was more front-loaded than usual this year, with Thursday being the first day that I had significant free time. And, of course, plenty of talks at 8 am that at about 7:45 in my hotel room I would look at and say "yeah, gonna miss that one."

The full schedule was compounded by prepping my own talk for Wednesday afternoon (which went smoothly and garnered me unsolicited compliments, so I think it went well), a two-hour meeting on Wednesday morning with my boss and a guy from DoD which will likely result in some funding (hooray!), and finishing off that pre-proposal thing to submit on Wednesday night. And I only just now realize that that was all focused on Wednesday, because when I was dealing with it I was to busy to notice.

I had dinner with Jess F. on Tuesday night at a nice Italian place around the corner from my hotel, and on Thursday I strolled over to the Dropbox offices to have lunch with Rawhide. I didn't have time to meet up with anybody else, though. Next time, although it sounds like AGU may be somewhere else next year and almost certainly will be elsewhere in 2017, because Moscone is going to be under construction. But hopefully it will be back in SF in 2018.

I walked a LOT in SF. My feet are still sore. I'm planning to take the whole week off work and just recuperate and run some errands. Get a bit of downtime.

It was a good trip, but I am glad to be home.