July 1st, 2016

tetsujin de kuma

Reunion, toosuto, #intrude

Okay update!

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As is not uncommon, there were a lot of distant (step-) relations who recognized me that I didn't recognize back. I always feel kinda bad about it, but I see no solution. I just know way too many people and have a lousy memory for names. But everyone was friendly, the countryside was pretty, we all had a good time, and all my siblings responded positively when I told them about our wedding plans. So yay!

Saturday was pretty much all travel. On Sunday, Jerry and I joined Thomas & Josh (toosuto), who was in town doing aikido stuff, for lunch at Domo. Since D&D that afternoon was cancelled due to DM illness, we also took the time to go see giant inflatable bunny sculptures downtown. Later in the afternoon, I went over to Karen & Thomas's to see a bit more of Josh & his family, and ended the evening playing a game of Lords of Waterdeep.

The rest of the week has been mostly unremarkable. Monkey has been working extra hours on a release that went live today. Pandemic Legacy on Tuesday night. Yesterday I thought I had strep, so I stayed home for a doctor's appointment, but it turns out it was just a canker sore in a weird place plus a random sore throat, so that was a pleasant surprise. Ended up taking the day off and sleeping a good chunk of the afternoon away, so clearly I was a little under the weather with something; maybe just lack of sleep.

Oh, and I discovered this week that I just flat-out forgot to pay several bills at the end of last month. Whoops! I'm all caught up on everything but the HOA (who you can't call, so I might as well just pay it double this month), and everybody else did a courtesy waiver of the late fees for me, but still, how embarrassing!

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