August 2nd, 2016


Social, Peekaboo, and Automation

I was thinking "ugh, there's been nothing going on," but then I was talking to my Mom on the phone Sunday and she said "you two have the most active social lives," and I guess there's something to that, since we had Gene & Brandon & Jon over on Friday night to play Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Saturday night was a bonfire at Bob & Pyro's, and on Monday I went and visited Grandma for a while. So there's lots going on, it's just that I'm bad at remembering the kinds of details that make for good anecdotes about everyday doings.

While our guests were over on Friday, we were able to show off Mimsabel's new trick, which is playing peekaboo. She not infrequently likes to hang out on the balcony, looking down at us through the railing. If you stand under the balcony, so she can't see you, and you poke your head out? She will give a tiny chirp when she spots you. (Sometimes it's even a chitter.) And it's ADORABLE!

At work, I have been developing a little R program that can enumerate all the files that ought to exist for the new dataset I'll be managing and then (1) report what's there and what's missing; (2) write makefiles to generate the missing files from the extant ones; and (3) link things into different directory trees based on what's the most useful organization for a given task. It feels kind of ridiculous to be writing code that writes code to do things that I can do by hand, but there are going to be tens of thousands of files with seven dimensions of variability when all is said and done, and after struggling with it for a while I concluded that automating everything to the teeth was the only way I was ever going to keep it all straight.

Three things make a post!