November 30th, 2016



We had double Thanksgiving this year: first we hung out with bears for the afternoon, then we went over to the Nevilles' for dinner. I roasted a bunch of veggies and Jerry made an excellent pumpkin mochi cake. Hooray for chosen family!

I had a good time visiting with people despite a weird and very persistent headache. It had started on Wednesday and was still going on Friday morning, so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, and instead went to the doctor that afternoon. There was nothing out of the ordinary, and I had some muscle aches to go along with the headache, so the doctor concluded I was probably just fighting off a virus. (Maybe even a very weak version of the flu, since I got my flu shot a while back.) It finally cleared up Sunday evening, and the aches went with it, so I think that's what it was.

On Saturday, Mel and Kate and Nick came over for Descent. I enjoyed playing the first half, but then got tuckered out and took a nap for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday morning we met Bats & Sarah for dim sum at Star Kitchen, which was tasty as always. And then more napping. It was my second cheat day on the diet over the course of the long weekend (because Thanksgiving, duh), and I was debating whether I could afford two, but I looked around and frankly, if you're doing low-carb, there are not a lot of options when it comes to brunch. So I just had dim sum anyway.

I had been planning to go visit Grandma over the weekend, but had no gumption due to the headache (and it would've been a bad idea to possibly expose her to a virus anyway), so since I was ahead on my hours, I took Monday morning off and went to visit her after we got done taking the cat to the vet. I took her flowers, as usual, and we had a nice chat. I got warned to beware of Texans. :) (She grew up farming in Oklahoma shortly before the Great Depression, so...)

I have been coding like mad this week while everyone else is out of the office at a meeting in DC, and today I finally got the normalization routines all working satisfactorily. I even figured out a tweak that make the log-scaling work better, but I don't understand why it works, which is mildly unsettling. But it works well enough without it that I can put off figuring that out until later.