December 29th, 2016


Nebrasker & Xmas

We spent the latter half of last week visiting my parents in Nebraska for early Christmas. Drove out Wednesday, spent Thursday & Friday there, drove back Saturday (Christmas Eve). Larry got his right hip replaced the week previously, so we didn't get up to a whole lot; just hung out with them and had downtime.

Larry had a couple post-op complications (a case of thrush and some episodes of atrial fibrillation, which is apparently no uncommon after major surgery) that kept him in the hospital a few extra days. He was still feeling pretty lousy when we got there, but improved considerably over the next couple days and was walking around by the time we left. Partly I think being at home instead of the hospital helped, and another big factor was when he stopped taking the pain meds (hydrocodone, I think), because that was upsetting his already finicky stomach so he couldn't really keep food down. But he is definitely on the mend now.

We helped out by cooking dinner (cabbage & sausages) on Friday and doing dishes and putting a tarp over the little trailer to keep the roof from leaking. And according to my mom, just by being there and not contributing to the worry feedback loop that the two of them sometimes develop.

We got to meet Bobbie, the long-legged bob-tailed kitten they recently rescued from a ditch at the side of the road, and visit with big boycats Toodle & Squeaker. Toodle is very lovey; Squeaker is skittish and almost started warming up to us by the time we left. Squirt (their little mostly-chihuahua) was of course delighted to see us, although she spent most of her time snuggled up next to Larry on the couch so that she could nurse him.

We did Christmas With Bears at Matt & Jason's. It was our D&D group plus Channan and (eventually) Cris & Steve. Very enjoyable; it's a good crew. I declared it a cheat day and actually partook of everything on offer, like the astonishing cake (coffee, hazelnut, and chocolate) that Brandon made.

It was a gift-light Christmas. Monkey's gift to me is getting the radio fixed on the Jetta. Yay! But all the car radio places are crazy busy after Christmas, so I told him to wait a little while until it calms down. I got him a couple DVDs to replace ones that have gone missing and a backup HD for the PS4, but one of the packages got lost in the mail, so I had to reorder them and they got here late. We mostly skipped gifts with my parents; we brought them some nice cheese and salami and my copy of The Martian, and they gave us cat toys and some money for the wedding. In the round-robin on my Dad's side, Sherilyn sent me a copy of On Food and Cooking, which makes for good here-and-there reading, especially with breakfast. I started reading about brassicas have already learned a bunch of new things!

Monday we had Star Wars, so I spent my day off work prepping for that. Now I'm trying to get my momentum back up while there's nobody in the office to distract me...

LJ PSA: time for DW

For those who still occasionally use or have fond memories of LiveJournal:

It sounds like there's a non-zero chance that Russian political shenanigans are happening that could cause LJ to implode in the relatively near future. Details:

Even if you're never intending to post there again, I would encourage everybody who's still got an LJ account to import it to DreamWidth. It's a chunk of our collective shared history, and I think it would be a shame to lose it.

And, more importantly, you can do it easily and for free.
1) Go to DreamWidth and make a new free account:
2) Log in
3) Go to the Import Journal page, give it your LJ login info, and click the buttons:

That's it!

Do your part to help out future historians. And give sentimental softies like me the ability to look back with fond nostalgia on our shared past by reading old entries. :)