May 9th, 2017


3 Breakfasts and a New Year

We had a very busy, very social weekend with lots of out-of-town visitors.

Bryree & Marty were in town for a wedding, and the best time to get together was in the morning, so we had them come over for breakfast on Friday and I made eggs. There are not a huge number of breakfast places near us (especially since they were coming up from Littleton), and the ones there are serve everything with huge piles of toast and/or hashbrowns (which I can't eat), and then there's all the time you spend getting there and getting seated and ordering and so on instead of actually visiting, and since I'm used to cooking breakfast every morning anyway and had lots of breakfast components readily at hand, it was just easier and more enjoyable to make it than to go out.

Then, very late Friday night / early Saturday morning, my sister Sherilyn and her crew arrived. She and her hubby Devin were in town for a conference for a business venture they're involved in, and they drove down from Idaho, leaving on Friday evening and arriving at about 4:30 in the morning. They also brought their new baby Olive and a friend who grew up in Lakewood to babysit. They crashed in our guest room and library for a few hours of sleep, then ran off to Broomfield Event Center for the whole day. Again, breakfast was the best opportunity to have some visiting time, so I just cooked. That also meant I didn't have to be dressed for going out in public before 8 am. I made Denver omelets.

Went back to bed for a bit to recover from interrupted sleep, and then Jerry and I went off to the Lao New Year festival at the Lao Buddhist temple that's under construction over at Wasdworth & 108th. Did you know that was there? I didn't! Found out from Inclusivity Board, and it seemed like an important event to go and show community support for. Saw several other board members there, got some tasty nibbles (meatballs onna stick, gingery beef jerky), and watched some traditional dancing. Spent the rest of the day prepping to run Star Wars that evening over at the Nevilles'.

Sunday morning we said farewell to Sherilyn et al., who were headed out for church early, then off to visit Grandma, then back to their conference from noon-5, and then drove back to Idaho -- man, do 20-somethings have a lot of energy! We, on the other hand, went up to Boulder for brunch with Jofish & Erin, who are in town this week for the big HCI conference, plus Sarah and a couple friends of Erin's from E-Theta. So that was nice. We had brunch at Shine, which is one of the few places in Boulder that takes reservations for Sunday brunch. The food was tasty and it was far less twee an experience than is suggested by their website, so that was good.

And that was plenty of weekend as far as we were concerned. There was a gargantuan hailstorm in Denver yesterday, but nothing up in Boulder and very little in Westminster, so neither of us saw anything, although we have several friends with smashed-up car windows and/or houses. Yikes!