October 2nd, 2017


Dentistry, retreating, small-scale socialization

This morning I went to the dentist and got a deep cleaning on the left half of my mouth. Which is what I get for having skipped going to the dentist for about a decade. (Happily, before then I started flossing daily, because I discovered that the tape-style dental floss actually fits between my cramped teeth, so I don't have any cavities or anything.) It wasn't all that bad, honestly, except that one of the anesthetics they use has epinephrine in it as a vasodilator, and it gets into my system and makes me all anxious during the procedure and then I have a big come-down afterwards. Ugh.

It's honestly kind of a toss-up as to whether it was better or worse than the early start for the departmental retreat on Monday & Tuesday of last week. Because "show up at Chautauqua at 7:45 to start at 8" means leaving the house by 7 to ensure I'm there on time, which means getting up at 5 to be actually functional enough to drive by then, and 5 am is a very unpleasant time to be awake. (And my brain still wasn't fully booted up until about 10 both days.) But aside from that, I think it was a pretty good retreat and we got useful organizational things done. Certainly it was more useful than some such events I've been to. Along with fairly standard things like "proactively incubate opportunities" and "plan a tech adoption strategy", one interesting goal that emerged was "appreciate day-to-day accomplishments," which I think is a really healthy thing for an organization to want to do. As I pointed out when we were discussing it, Jerry and I have gotten into the habit of thanking one another for doing household chores, and I think that actively noticing and appreciating one another's contributions -- even (especially!) when they're the things each of us does all the time and is expected to deal with -- does a whole awful lot for building domestic harmony.

What else. Went to Trevor's on Saturday afternoon to play games. We played a co-ompetitive superhero game called "Heroes Wanted", which was a very weird combination of silly random character design with super-crunchy action-management gameplay. I managed to get a deeply sub-optimal character build and got trounced. Had a good time visiting and gaming, but I don't think I would recommend the game.

The weekend before that I had a nice visit with Grandma. Otherwise the last two weekends have been just a lot of downtime, which is a nice change of pace.

And we had Jonathan over for dinner (peanut-broccoli-tofu stirfry) and games (Mystery of the Abbey plus some trying out the VR system) on the Tuesday before that, which was lovely and delightful. Yay for small-scale socializing!