October 31st, 2017


Grandma, weather, work

So my grandmother is fading and will probably pass soon. It's sad and I will miss her, but she turned 103 on the 14th, and that's a pretty good run. I went to visit her a week later, and she had definitely declined since the last time I saw her. She clearly doesn't have much energy left, although she perked up after I'd been there for a bit.

She was having trouble getting back and forth from the family room to her bedroom, so they put a hospital bed in the family room for her, and has nurses staying with her every night. My aunt called me today to let me know that she's declined a little further, and that if anyone wanted to come visit in the next few days, that would be good, so my mom is going to drive out tomorrow to pay her a visit. I'll join her if I can get away from work, and if not I'll go visit her the next day and bring her flowers one last time. (I've been bringing her flowers every time I visit for the last decade or so, and I'm very thankful to my stepdad for suggesting it, because it means a lot to her.)

So that's kind of a bummer, although it's hardly a surprise. I will always be grateful that she was able to come to our wedding.

The weather has been drastic lately. It was in the mid-70s on Sunday, and then yesterday the high was 37. All the plants outside work were coated in ice. Today it warmed back up to the mid-50s, and at first I wasn't sure that would be warm enough for us to get any trick-or-treaters, but they started coming in packs after it got dark and we got enough to clear us out of candy. There were a lot of princesses in sweaters. We had another short but strong cold front sweep through last week or the week before -- we notice them because the change in pressure makes Monkey creaky.

I finally got to see Bob & Jeff's new house at their housewarming on Saturday. The space is very interesting, because there are no hallways, it's just rooms that open onto one another. Bob's estimate is that it was originally a little bungalow that got added onto about 5 times. Douglas came over to our place on Sunday night for dinner and a visit.

Work has been pretty good. I finally got my analysis machinery all built and on Thursday, I met with Melissa and we looked at a bunch of the metrics I cranked out and she was able to see a bunch of patterns that suggested things to look into at a process level. Which is good! That's the first level of this fancy analysis cascade that we said we'd use in the great big grant we got, and it actually works! We did science and it worked! And it's also the thing that I said I'd talk about at AGU, which is coming up distressingly fast on the calendar, so at least I don't have to try to talk about nothing.