January 29th, 2018

tetsujin de kuma

Hitting Things With Sticks

I went to a bo staff training seminar at Jerry's dojo on Saturday, and now I am soooore. Two hours of swinging around a six foot stick worked a whole lot of muscles that don't normally get all that much use, and yesterday and today they were complaining. But I was able to keep up for the whole thing, and I feel pretty good about that.

Although I should note that I mean "keep up" in the purely physical sense of continuing to move; in terms of learning, my brain filled up about halfway through. I could watch what everybody else was doing and follow along, but I couldn't recall the sequence of moves on my own. Although I did retain more than I would have before Jerry started teaching me stuff, so I guess I'm not as remedial as I used to be.

The other thing that's weird about physical movement stuff is that what's difficult for me does not align well with what's difficult for most people. Like, there's this one move where you drop down into a reverse dragon stance, swing the staff back behind you and up over your shoulder, then grab it with the other hand, pivot around, and bring it down in an overhand strike. And (as long as I got my feet positioned correctly going into it), I didn't have any trouble with that one at all, even though the instructor said it was the hardest move in the entire form. But there was another bit earlier on that amounted to "okay, now turn around and step forward" that I just had the worst time with and kept screwing up. Oh, and at one point we rearranged and started doing everything 90 degrees from the way we'd been doing it, and I was completely lost until we went back to the original orientation.

Anyway, I had a good time, and afterwards we spent the gift certificate we got as a wedding present from his school had a very nice dinner at Zolo Grill.