February 12th, 2018


New Washing Machine! (And much gaming)

Our washing machine had been gradually getting louder and louder when it runs. Friday Jerry had a repair guy come look at it, and he concluded that it would cost $400 to fix and not last all that long afterwards, and that we were better off getting a new one.

So, we were gearing up to deal with shopping for a new one, and then yesterday after Bear D&D we mentioned it and Gene said that they had a surplus washer and dryer (having consolidated households) and if we took it, they wouldn't have to deal with getting rid of it. So we loaded it up into Steve's truck, brought it home, spent an hour moving out the old one and getting the new one hooked up, and now we have a new washer! And we didn't have to shop, and we only spent a tenth what we were getting ready to. Hooray!

Anyway, that was a lovely way to cap the restart of gaming in that group. (A quick one-shot with pregen characters; I got to play a quarter-ogre fighter with an Int of 4.) Saturday I ran Star Wars, and the little mini-system I came up with for infiltrating a Star Destroyer worked and produced a lot of good game for little prep, so that was quite satisfying.

Work was boring and low-productivity last week, I think because the few weeks before I'd been doing a lot of fire-fighting (dealing with small but important items with hard deadlines), so my normal list of Stuff I Gotta Do got long and left me feeling overwhelmed. So I finally buckled down and spent a day just organizing and updating my to-do list, which generally helps fix that problem.

Finally got back to playing Pandemic: Legacy with Karen & Chris (David had to drop out) on Wednesday, followed by games night Thursday. An interesting Roman resource management game I can't remember the name of.

Jeff and Alice had folks over last weekend, which was good socializing time. Played a game of Betrayal at Baldur's Gate (which has some nice fixes to various problem in the original BaHotH) and one of Lords of Waterdeep. Talked to Joe about city politics and being on a municipal advisory board; he reaffirmed that it may be local but that's where change gets started, which was a good motivator.

Thursday before that Sarah came over and we played a game of Illimat and more importantly got caught up on what's been going on, which was nice.

Not a lot worth mentioning otherwise. Lots of short-lived very cold weather lately, the kind that's so overcast and gray it saps all my energy. But at least the days are getting longer.