February 27th, 2018

Super Metal

Back-to-Back Concerts

Last week I saw Walk the Moon the Ogden on Tuesday, and Sabaton at the Gothic on Wednesday! This is what happens when you buy tickets for one show a couple months after buying them for the other show!

Neal came with me for Walk the Moon. We got dinner at a nearby poke place on Colfax, then hustled a few blocks through the single-digit cold in our light jackets to the venue. (We left the heavy coats in the car to avoid having to deal with them during the show.) We got there about 15 minutes before the opening band (Company of Thieves) and managed to find reasonable spots on the right-hand balcony.

Company of Thieves was not super my thing, but they had a good sound mix that sold me on a lot of their songs. I liked their cover of Dreams by the Cranberries. The lead singer reminded me a lot of Bjork.

Walk the Moon was great! They have a deeper catalog than either of us knew, and they had a lot of variety in their setlist. Of course they also played all the big hits we recognize, but there were also a bunch of songs I didn't know but enjoyed a lot. They had a big wall of light-bars behind them that could all spin and change colors independently, which they used to good effect. It was, as Neal and I commented to one another, literally spectacular as well as figuratively.

I took the day off work on Wednesday to recover (I worked from home on the Monday holiday instead), and was glad I did. (Feh to this whole "aging" thing, I say.) I thought about baking cookies for the band, but just did not have the energy; took a nap instead.

Doors were at 6:30 and the show started at 7:30. I didn't even leave the house until after 8. I knew there would be a local opener and that Sabaton would be playing last, and that's really who I was there for. As it was, I got there a bit before 9 and saw about half of Kreator's set (which was super not my thing; power metal yay, speed metal meh). But I managed to get an amazing spot on the balcony, just above the mixing boards and with two short people sitting in front of me to either side, but with a completely clear view of the whole stage!

As always, the show was fantastic. The band's fanbase in Denver is very enthusiastic, and it's infectious. I don't know if we're exceptionally enthusiastic of if that's the reception they get everywhere, but it's clear that they're always just delighted to perform in Denver. They had a great big video wall behind them this time, so it was also quite a spectacular show.

I think I managed to give myself a touch of plantar fasciitis, but I went easy on my feet for the next few days and it has cleared up. Whew! I guess pogo-ing on hard cement floors two nights in a row is a bad plan.