April 30th, 2018


Birthday, Mom Visit, Spring Is Sprung

Ugh I am tired and creaky. Not sure if there's a reason for it (Getting to bed too late last night? Skipping breakfast for a blood draw this morning? Whatever's making the air all hazy today?) or if it's just the Olds, but okay, journaling now before I put it off even further.

So a week ago it was my birthday. Woo! I didn't really do anything on the day to celebrate, but it was really nice to get happy birthday wishes from people all day on Facebook. Responding to all of them gave me a moment to think about and appreciate each well-wisher, and that was a gift in itself.

My mom came out to visit last weekend; she arrived on Friday night and took off Sunday morning. Friday night Jerry cooked a tasty Japanese dinner, and Saturday was mostly downtime for me, but that afternoon we went and did one of the escape rooms in Broomfield (Themescape) with my mom, Neal, Kate, and the Ottems. It was a sort of Indiana Jones kinda thing, and it was good. There was a laser! (A terrifyingly bright laser. When turned on, you could very clearly see the beam in the air, and okay, yes, there was quite a bit of dust in the air, but still.) Afterwards we all got dinner at the kebab place in the same shopping mall, and it was a nice way to celebrate a numerically-uninteresting birthday.

Jerry and I also finally saw Black Panther and enjoyed it thoroughly. It deserves every penny of however many umpty-jillion dollars it finally end up grossing.

The usual other social stuff: boardgames with bears and others, a couple Star Wars runs, Unmunchkin, etc.  Jewel of India for dinner last night with David, who is borrowing our guest room for a bit.

I think the trees are blooming late this year. I'm seeing flowers all over, and it's late enough that I don't think we're likely to get a late snow that will kill them. The flower buds on the crabapple outside our house are just about to pop, and it looks like it will be glorious.