May 15th, 2018


Lake Steam, work stuff, and a full social calendar

So two weeks ago I was feeling tired and creaky, and decided that I needed a massage. So I decided to follow the recommendations of various bears and try out Lake Steam. It's an old-school Russian/Turkish-style steam bath and sauna, and you can also get a good massage for a very reasonable price.

It was good. I first went down on Wednesday evening, but there had been a scheduling snafu, and I couldn't actually get a massage. I decided to go in anyway, and the attendant comped me the $20 entrance fee. The sauna was very hot, and the steam room was very steamy. Like, difficulty seeing more than 5 feet steamy. I enjoyed the hot tub the most, and spent a fair bit of time going back and forth between the hot tub and a cool/cold shower. I also rescheduled for Friday evening, and got a good 90 minute massage that cleared up a lot of muscle tension. Amusingly, I also randomly ran into people I knew on both visits! (Gene & Brandon on Wednesday, Noah on Friday.)

That Saturday I helped Gwen celebrate a birthday, joining her and several others for an escape room down just off 16th Street Mall, followed by dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. (Jerry was working and unable to join.) The escape room was fun; it was casino-themed and had some interesting use of tools and such I hadn't seen before. We beat it, so I'm 7 for 7 now, woo-hoo!

Work was kind of annoying last week because the high-performance systems were down all week due to power problems up in Wyoming, and the universe decided to fill the gap with lots of meetings and phone calls. And sure, they were useful and productive meetings, but I have a couple big tasks that I really need to make some progress on, and not being able to work on them all week does not help that situation!

Nevertheless, since Jerry had the time on Thursday morning, I played hookey and we went to see Avengers: Infinity War at a new (very nice) mondoplex down in Arvada. I enjoyed it! Rather more than I expected to, given that I knew it would be the grim chapter in the overall story arc. I'm just really glad that Marvel has figured out how important it is to mix some humor in with the drama and to have some variation in mood and tone to keep these things from being just unrelenting.

Mom & Larry were passing through on their way to go fishing last weekend, so that evening I met them and Dave and family for dinner at Cheddar's over in Thornton. And then went to games night at Chris's. And then on Friday we had dinner with Van & Ron (plus Jeff Stoner) at Wishbone before they headed out on their latest voyage.

The weekend before last we finished up Jon's Eberron adventure, and this past weekend I spent all day Saturday doing prep for running a session zero for the wilderness exploration campaign that Jerry and I are co-GMing for the bears. It went well. I think it will be fun!