June 10th, 2018


Rainbow beard plus catchups

I colored my beard rainbow yesterday! Sorta for Pride, sorta just for pretty. Here's a pic of me & Monkey at Chris's birthday BBQ. Yay! This was after he had spent the day teaching small children to punch things and I had spent it at a retreat for the municipal advisory board I'm on (which was good) so we were both tired; he went home to crash not terribly long after, while I stayed to play board games (Cash & Guns and an unexpected win in 7 Wonders), but today we were both wiped and did nothing but sit at home and recuperate.

Life has been busy busy the last few weeks, although not with anything much interesting. Jerry's working more hours in the evening, so I've shifted my schedule a bit to match. Which has been helpful for getting things done; we have a new student assistant who's still in the start-up phase where she comes to ask me questions pretty frequently, and there have been lots of meetings and talks going on, so there are a number of tasks that I can get a lot more done on once everyone else has gone home and I can focus. (And it's not like my brain is ready to do much before noon anyway.) It's amazing how productive student assistants can be, even with just undergraduate levels of know-how, because they don't do anything expect work on the tasks you assign them. No emails to answer, no meetings to attend, no organizational reporting to do, no high-level planning and long-term strategizing, no projects to prioritize and deadlines to plan for, they just work on the to-do list you gave them and all of a sudden they've finished in three days the thing you were expecting to take three weeks and now you have to come up with more things for them to do!

We ran the first session of the Monster Island D&D campaign for the bears. Their party of five 3rd-level characters annihilated a "very difficult" encounter of six regular and one mutant sahaguin with clathrate grenades that theoretically should have been CR 8+, so I think they'll be able to stand up to fire-breathing T-Rexes and suchlike. I just have to finish writing up all the procedural content generation systems we're gonna use...

Went to the pool party at Bob's on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. (Jerry stayed home and out of the sun, after spending all day at Boulder Creek Festival on Saturday for work. Happily, his neck only turned brick red, not lobster red!) Dropped by Nick's on Friday the 18th for Michael's graduation party, which means a post-college friend's child who I remember being a baby just graduated from high school, ack what is this "time" thing I'm not sure I approve.

So yeah, 'bout like that.