July 10th, 2018


Late June, Early July

A month since my last post? Bad me! Well, it's been pretty quotidian. Plenty of things, but nothing dramatic.

Some social gatherings: went to a party at Channan's and another at Mitch's on Pride weekend. Jerry made takoyaki at the latter, which was fun. Both were pleasingly low-key-but-social. Also had a Douglas over when he was in town weekend before last. And then last week on the 4th we went to Bob's and floated around in the pool for a few hours before a big thunderstorm blew in and rained/hailed us out. I did the traditional fireworks-watching in Broomfield afterwards; Jerry stayed home all tuckered out. David, who's borrowing our guest room for a while, came along to Mitch's and Bob's.

Work stuff: I had a big two-day meeting for one of our projects the week after my last post. I had to do a lot of prep, but I had my ducks in a row and got my hour-long presentation ready in plenty of time and it all went smoothly. Things are going swimmingly with my new student assistant on the fire project; she's very keen, and we were able to get code from the guy who generated a bunch of the data our collaborators are using, so it's all zipping right along. Jerry ran his first week-long martial arts camp (wooden weapons) for his school, and that went well.

Politics: Everything is on fire, but walking around in a cloud of outrage and anger just eats my time and energy without generating any kind of useful change, so I try to stay focused on doing good where I have leverage that matters, which is mostly municipal board stuff and being productive at work. I did go to a protest rally about immigration policy weekend before last. The speeches and suchlike don't do much for me, but I figured I could contribute positive vibes (and headcount), so I wandered around thanking the volunteers and telling people I liked their signs. And I ran into Joe and we discussed things like framing the issues, which will be useful at the board meeting tomorrow.

Entertainment: I read a new Bujold novel and then spent a week re-reading a bunch of her other books when I was feeling sick of my own thoughts. Ran Star Wars and the second session of D&D. Started Pandemic: Legacy back up with Karen & Chris and we may finally finish it soon! And we saw The Incredibles 2, which was enjoyable. Not fantastic -- I think the novelty of the premise was part of the joy of the first one -- but solidly entertaining.

And a couple weekends ago my ex-stepmother, Glenda, was passing through town on her way to go visit my sister Mollie (her daughter) and her new baby, so she stopped by and picked up the stuff from Grandma's house that I've been holding onto for Mollie. So I got to sort through a bunch of stuff of my Dad's to figure out what to send along to her. I found a couple letters from back when he was married to my mom, before I was born, and I realized: my father was always a really impractical romantic. (My mom confirmed this when we talked on the phone the next day.) And I think that explains a lot about our relationship. Because that is so very not me...