October 2nd, 2018


Art show

So we have this family friend, Peg, who was a friend of my mom's when I was a kid, and whose daughter Kelly was my babysitter when I was in elementary school, and whose son Gus was one of my best friends in high school. She used to be a high school English teacher, but she also painted, and since she retired and moved to Nebraska she's been doing a lot more painting.

Sunday was the closing of her art show at a gallery in Scottsbluff and also her 80th birthday, and it turns out that Scottsbluff is only a 3 hour drive away, so Jerry and I hopped in the car and took a little day trip to attend.

It was a good trip and I'm really glad we went. The drive was nice, and we got to do a bunch of spousal chatting on the way there and back. In addition to catching up with the artist herself, I also got to reconnect with Gus, who I had fallen out of touch with and hadn't seen in, gosh, fifteen years or so, and his family, and Kelly too. And of course there was the art.

I really like Peg's art, and the directions it has evolved since she retired from teaching are pretty amazing. It was a retrospective, so it had pieces going back (one or two of them older than me), and it was arranged chronologically. There were also little blurbs for each piece, and it was neat to find out the stories behind each piece, including some that I had first seen in her house when I was a kid. Plus some of the stories feature people I know (including my mom), so that was fun.

I also had never known that she majored in geology in college, and after reading her biography I realized that this style of stippling and patterning she does in the ground and the sky in the paintings sometimes -- that comes from geological maps!

She often puts super-saturated colors against dark backgrounds, which creates an effect I really like. Her work really brings out the colors hidden in the landscape, and on the drive home I felt like I was looking at the landscape around us with new eyes and a better appreciation.

Also, we bought a painting! Only a little one, but I like it very much.

Pictures (just a few, highlighting some of my favorites) under the cut. Definitely click to embiggen!

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Oh, and here's her website: