April 23rd, 2019



Not a lot to report for my birthday. Much like the number: 47 is a prime and otherwise not very interesting. I do find it aesthetically pleasing number, though.

Lovely well-wishes from folks near and far all day today, which was cheersome. Thanks, everyone!

We went out for dinner to the local pho place and picked up a couple slices of cake at the grocery store. Otherwise, I've just been busy at work and at home trying to get everything done that needs to get done before we head off in two weeks for (at last!) our honeymoon in Japan. So that'll be good.

The weather has turned kind of nice, but also in that range where it's hard to decide what to wear, and you'd better check the forecast. But the amount of sunlight each day is back up to a reasonable level, and that's nice. Things are starting to turn green and flower. Probably time for one last snowstorm sometime soon...

I'm playing BaHothH Legacy with Chris and some others, and last week my character turned traitor for the first time. I came very close to winning, too; I had the creepy porcelain doll ("Mister Fwuffles!") fully powered-up and ready to do the thing, but alas, one combat roll went badly against me and the heroes triumphed. But I felt good about playing it well enough to get that close; up to this point thing have been pretty lopsided the other way.