May 9th, 2019

tetsujin de kuma


Okay, so here is where I try to figure out how long this day has been and probably get it wrong both because the math is hard and because I'm really tired.

My computer says that it's 5:22 in the morning, and my phone says it's 8:22 in the evening. So that's... 15 hours ahead? Yes. Because that's equal to "9 hours behind but tomorrow", which is what I find easier to remember, and what I had to keep track of when Jerry was an exchange student a decade ago.

So... Tuesday was a normal day schedule-wise. I spent it finishing up travel prep (mostly copying things onto and off of computers and phones, plus putting things in organized piles to go into suitcases once Jerry got home) and we went to bed around 10:30 or 11.

And then we got up at 2:30 in the morning.

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At the moment, in a reversal of our usual roles, Jerry is off exploring the little shopping center that occupies the zone between the outer part of the terminal and the train station, while I'm sitting in the hotel room enjoying the quiet and lack of people. (Also trying to stay awake until after 10 pm local time, so as not to wake up in the middle of the night with jet lag.) I realize that I like to settle in and get things put away after I've done a lot of traveling; putting all the toiletries in the bathroom and setting up APAPs and so on makes me feel like I'm finished and can relax.

So that's... okay, 12 and a half plus 12 hours plus 3 is 27 and a half hours since we got up yesterday morning. On about 5 hours of sleep since I got up the day before. Wooo! I feel like I'm remarkably lucid, considering.