July 2nd, 2019



We're in Las Vegas!

Jerry is here for a martial arts expo for work and I'm tagging along -- usually it's the other way around.

We are staying at my brother's house, although we aren't getting to see him and his family because they're away on an Alaskan cruise. But that means we get to stay all by ourselves in their large and swanky house, which is much nicer than a hotel room. Plus it doesn't cost anything!

I have learned something new about geography on this trip. Collapse )

It's very hot here; highs above 100 every day. There are plenty of nice vistas, so long as you don't mind the landscape shouting "HUBRIS!" at you everywhere you look. (Like really, this city should not exist; this is not a hospitable locale.) But the house has a swimming pool and AC, so that's nice.

The trip here on Sunday was unremarkable. We had a nice dinner out at a nearby Thai place last night, and we have tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil's "O" tomorrow night. Otherwise, we aren't doing much touristy stuff. I'm mostly hanging out on the couch, working remotely a bit, and having downtime. Jerry's having a good conference. We head home Thursday morning.
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