July 28th, 2019


Small Triumphs

Small triumphs:

On Thursday, I stopped working when I had planned to, went down to the basement of the building, and got a workout, just like I said I would.

Yesterday, after shopping at the farmer's market, two different grocery stores, and two thrift shops, I made four different dishes, and for one of them I used the mandoline to julienne three daikon and a half-dozen carrots and sustained zero injuries. That includes using needlenose pliers to straighten some bent teeth on the julienne blade beforehand and cleaning it afterwards.

And today, I successfully changed our Comcast plan to drop cable TV entirely and switch to internet-only. (People online reported that it was easier to do it in person than over the phone, and I realized that I would need to go by the Comcast store anyway to drop off the unused, still in its original shrinkwrap cable box, so that's what I did. In and out, no waiting, helpful salesperson, no argument, and she gave me a sign-up discount without me even asking.)

We also had a check-in meeting at work on Thursday, and going through the page-long list of all the little tasks that came up over the last six weeks always makes me feel better about not having made more progress on the big tasks lingering on my to-do list. I also have an entire category now for time spent talking to people about things that I am an expert on, so take that, part of my brain that things nothing counts unless I took a class in it and got an A.

Other stuff:

Had a nice double dose of boardgaming last weekend, at Chris's on Saturday and Eaton Street on Sunday. Jerry got the "Channel A" card game, where one player puts down two premise cards and then you have to pitch a new anime series that fits that premise with a title composed from cards in your hand (e.g., "Infinite Sword Gate" or "City Agent Noir X"). The rules say just vote on the best title, but we grafted on the rules from Cheapass Games' Big Idea, and that worked really well. Oh, and I also did a Barbie Tarot reading for Matt, which was fun.

My sister Mollie is in town for her high school reunion, so we met her and her family for breakfast at Olive & Finch this morning. We're meeting Van for dinner at Wishbone this evening. Nick came over to hang out on a couple Friday evenings, which was lovely and delightful. Things are generally good on the home front.