October 31st, 2019


Catch-Up Post (part 1)

A long catch-up post, not so much because I expect it to be interesting as because my memory is terrible and if I want future-me to have some recollection of various goings-on.

We did tie-dying on the weekend of August 10th at Eaton Street. It was a big party; lots of fun. I went a little overboard and did five different shirts.

I did three ice-dyed shirts. The long-sleeved green-black one came out good. The short-sleeved green-purple one is a bit muddy, and I think I will tie-dye it black and leave that as the background. The short-sleeved red-orange one looks like fire and is AMAZING. The only downside is that it's a little tight...

I did a regular tie-dye of a silk shirt with wrapping up marbles so they make circles, and it turned out pretty good. I wasn't totally clear on what to do different with silk instead of cotton, and it took the color well but just kept bleeding every time I rinsed it. I let it hang for several weeks until I got around to dealing with it. I washed it with half a packet of Rit color remover in the washer, then ran it through twice with just water, and that seems to have fixed it.

Finally, I did a shibori shirt that I really like, folding it into triangles that make a neat lattice pattern. Could probably have folded it a little less tightly; it's still mostly white. Jerry make a tie-dye shibori using clips and marbles that looks beautiful and spells out "fuck trump" in Morse code.

Had a McGinnis family dinner at an Olive Garden down in Lakewood the day after. Enjoyable, though there were lots of relatives who I sorta recognized but mostly didn't know. Bo & Barb gave me a big packet of photos and genealogy charts my dad had put together.

Labor Day weekend I went to two pool parties: at CJ's on Saturday and at Bob's on Monday. Both were fun, with weather on the cool side. Jerry was able to come to the one at CJ's, hooray, but had to work Sunday and Monday, boo. But his hours are (finally!) going down now that they've hired on Sensei John.

Saturday Sept. 7th I cooked a whole bunch (I made fenugreek cauliflower and zucchini curry) and then Dave & Michelle came over and looked at home repair stuff. It looks like the phantom sink drip is probably not an actual leak, and all the rest of it should be doable. Still need to figure out if the downstairs shower is actually leaking.

That Sunday, we had dim sum at Star Kitchen with Jon, Gene, Brandon, & Matt. (JonGeBraMatt?) Nom! On the way home, Jerry and I stopped at Home Depot and picked out light fixtures and sinks for the home repairs. Adulting!

On Monday, I did the zoning meeting thing, which I wrote about previously. I found out at our board meeting that it passed, hooray! And apparently my speech did help, so that was nice. At Chris's games night that week, we played a neat coop game that Tom M. brought which was sort of a cross between Dominion & Sentinels. I liked it! (And then we played a quick game of Dominion.)

Saturday the 14th was lots of Getting Things Done. I went to the credit union and got a new credit card because the chip on mine had died. Then I got a haircut, and then I went to the Home Despot up on 120th and bought more stuff: 3 sinks, 3 toilet kits, and a folding door for the furnace room. I actually ran into Michelle there, which was a surprise. I ended up deciding that I actually wanted slightly different sinks with a better style of lip, so I took them and two light fixtures (because talking to Michelle I found out we needed one big one instead of two small ones) to a different store up north that had the sinks I wanted in stock. And THEN I went grocery shopping!

Lots more to come, but I almost lost this post to a reboot once already, so here it goes.