November 18th, 2019


Stabbed by an onion and the mysteries of optics

Jerry had a cold this weekend, and I appear to have caught it. Boo! Here's to hoping I got the zinc lozenges in my system fast enough to mitigate it.

I had my annual wellness exam about a month ago, with nothing really to report, and then a couple weeks later (Saturday, October 26th, to be exact), I got stabbed by an onion.

I was reaching for an onion in the produce section at the grocery store and a dried-out root jabbed right into my finger. Because it was a little tiny puncture wound, there was no good way to get it cleaned out or to get antibiotic ointment into it. And, of course, because it was (literally) dirty, it got infected.

So I made a doctor's appointment and Monday morning I got a tetanus booster and a course of antibiotics. (It wasn't being all that troublesome, but I looked online and everything said "yup, go see a doctor", because circulation in your fingers is lousy and it's easy for infections to turn nasty.) A couple days lastser I was squeezing out some yuck out of it and managed to get a 3 mm sliver out of it, and after that it healed up pretty quickly.

And then, on the 29th, I was taking my contacts out, and just before one of them popped out and went flying (as hard lenses are sometimes wont to do), the sink drain lost its grip and opened up and the lens went sailing right down the drain. I tried to recover it from the trap, but had no luck. Well, I was overdue for an eye exam anyway, so I checked to see when the next available appointment was at the nearest Kaiser, and there weren't any until the end of November(!)... except for one slot the very next morning at 7:45! So that bit of good luck made up for the bad luck of losing the lens in the first place.

The exam went smoothly, and they gave me some disposable soft contacts for temporary until my gas permeables came in. These lenses were WAY too strong. The first pair I put in made me seasick and I felt like I couldn't see anything, so they gave me a pair that were half a diopter down from my new prescription, and I still felt like they were much too strong. I could see things on the horizon with perfect crystal clarity, even in poor lighting, but I really couldn't focus on anything less than 3 feet away. And, well, I'd say that 80% of my life happens at less than arms' reach; I picked up a pair of reading glasses, but I was wearing them basically all the time except when I was driving. And I concluded that I would much rather have good vision for everything withing 30' and have some weak distance glasses for driving. So I was convinced that my prescription was bad and needed to be changed up.

But then, a week and a half later (after three extra trips because I got a message that they were in, but that's not the same as them being ready or the person who readied them being in the office), I got my new hard lenses with the even stronger prescription, and... they're fine! I still need to pull out the reading glasses for really close up, or when my eyes get tired, but overall, I feel like the prescription is totally acceptable. So I don't know what's up with that.

So I've made a lot of stops by our local Kaiser office lately for not very much.