December 4th, 2019


Thanksgiving, Anthocyanin, and Too Many Things

Man, it feels like much more than a week since I last posted. Except for Thanksgiving proper, I did indeed end up working all through the holiday on that report (ugh bleah), but I finally got it finished and submitted on Sunday and now it is done forever, hooray! Now I just have to get this data analysis done...

We went over to Eaton Street for Thanksgiving, and it was excellent. I made Fancified Green Bean Casserole and Magic Butterfly Lemonade. (Fancified GBC: frozen green beans instead of canned, heavy cream, fancy dried mixed mushrooms, splash of white wine, bit of nutmeg.)

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The Magic Butterfly Lemonade was tasty and refreshing, and it did the color-changing magic, so it was a successful contribution to the Thanksgiving feast! There was also ham and turkey and dressing and fancy butternut squash salad and 4 Varieties Chex Mix and a bunch of other stuff, plus apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies for dessert. We stuffed ourselves and played vidya games and a couple rounds of Sequence and had a lovely holiday.

Friday I worked on the report and Jerry went to work for Black Friday stuff, and then we met Jeff & Alice and Neal & Rhonda and Thomas & Karen to see Knives Out at the Mondoplex. (Plus tacos beforehand.) I enjoyed it quite a bit! It's a good murder mystery, and it's funny, and it does a good job of not being the movie you thought it was, on multiple occasions. Recommended.

Saturday I worked on the report, then played D&D at Neal's. My dwarven paladin finally got to smite some baddies! It was very satisfying.

Sunday we had to cancel dim sum with Bats & Sarah because they had to fly home early to avoid weather on the East Coast, but that was fine because I had to work on the report. I finally finished the report, the 5-10 page executive summary, the 1-page abstract, and the Report Summary Form a bit after lunchtime. We also cancelled Star Wars since I had no prep time (nor spoons left), so at 4-ish I headed over to Thomas's and we watched the first 3 episodes of The Mandalorian (enjoyable) and played a game of Betrayal at Baldur's Gate. I got the okay from my boss to submit the report and was finally done with the damn thing when I got home.

Monday I caught up on a bunch of miscellany at work and started preparing data for the data analysis I have to get done this week. Did bills when I got home. I probably had other essential somethings I dealt with, though I can't remember what. (Monkey has been doing lots of supportive things, for which I am very grateful.)

Yesterday we had a departmental retreat for the other department I have a 20% joint appointment to. My boss is out of town at the terrible mandatory symposium (for which I had to put together her poster before I did the report), but the rest of us in our group figured we should show our faces.

It was good! (Well, other than starting at 8:30 am.) Some all-hands-meeting stuff at the beginning, then some interesting talks, and then after lunch we had a workshop on SDI Core Strengths, which we'd all taken the assessment for. This is one of those personality type things , where it's red/green/blue for whether you focus on performance, process, or people, and respond to conflict by assertion, accommodation, or analysis. It seemed more like a real thing than a horoscope, and did seem to provide advice about how to talk to people that was (checking against myself and some colleagues) actually useful. I also very much appreciate that has a separate category for the people who respond to all the questions about "which do you do more, A, B, or C?" with "it totally depends on context," because that is a million percent me. Hub all the way!

It finished with the departmental holiday party, so tasty nibblies and work socialization. (Enjoyable, but tiring.) And then I came home and made some spinach-cheese hors d'oeuvres for our other departmental holiday party today, plus I got a haircut this morning and met with a bunch of different people and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, and jeebus, it's no wonder I'm tired. Like, I'm getting all the stuff done, and I think things are going generally well, but man will I be glad when I get some downtime.