Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


It is a weekend of cookery.

We had to cancel D&D last night, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to do the 'cream puff howto' for returntoshore and zalena, since Jeff & Alice wanted people to come over for socialization anyway. (In part, because Alice had made cinnamon rolls.) So I made cream puffs, and got bryree to take pictures so I can make an Instructable.

We played a couple rounds of Unspeakable Word and then The Big Idea, which is always a blast. Jeff was able to play Motivational Love Shark as the followup to the classic Extravagant Time Shark of many moons ago, so apparently it's a franchise now. Sara's Gigantic Death Jet was brilliant. (Like a Viking funeral barge, but bigger. And flying.) I did quite well with Mentholated Bagpipe Organizer and Flammable Monkey Art. ("All ze greatest arteests come from France. Renoir, Monet, et now... JoJo ze flammable monkey. 'E eez a monkey. 'E eez on fire. 'E eez from France. And 'e make art for you. To 'ang on your wall. On fire.") It's all about the accents.

And today, Greg made tiramisu. I made chicken gumbo. Somewhat time-consuming, but not hard and I think it'll be good. (It still needs to simmer for an hour or two.) I realized that I was somewhat intimidated by the prospect of cutting apart a whole chicken, but no longer. I think there was a part of my brain that was thinking of it as a precision operation of some kind, like a dissection or something. Ha! No, it just needs to be in smaller pieces.

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