Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I would tell you all about my exciting life, but Thomas roped me into helping with a one-shot D&D adventure for Josh while he's visiting, so I've been busy with that. (Actually, that's most of the excitement in my weekend. Other fun: Gin & Coffee Saturday evening, Visitor Q for movie night (disturbing, but less so and more interesting than I expected), and packages from CT from my Mom. And lots of cold, autumnal rain.)

I'm having fun, and I think it'll be a good game next Sunday. I'm happy to have figured out what the right tool is for making character sheets on my computer: MS Publisher, which is all about putting little boxes of text on a page. I sorta wish it was a little less task-focused (no, I don't want a template, I just want to put text in boxes on a page), but it's a pretty pliable program in most ways. Certainly enough that I've stayed up far too late fiddling with it.

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