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Wow, three evenings of gaming in a row, and all of it unplanned.

Thursday was just semi-standard games-at-the-Floyds'. We played Jenseits von Theben, I think is the original name, which is about archaeological digs. I was the premier Egyptologist, but I overspecialized and didn't do very well at random drawing. (I also picked the wrong subset of colors, which really didn't help.) I'd like to play again, now that I have a better sense of what's important. Me, Jerry, Chris, & Jeff, then Matt K. (why do I always feel compelled to add the K?) for hanging around after.

Then on Friday the three of us (since Greg was now less allergy-riffic) had to go back over with mah-jongg, since we had promised Rose to teach her. She also showed off her espresso machine for us. I wrote down the scoring rules from the two books we have afterwards, and I think if you're only playing one round (which is all we ever have time for), I like the western (a.k.a. little old Jewish lady) scoring tradition better than the Cantonese (a.k.a. 'the old rules'). The big difference is that everbody scores and whoever went out scores more. With all the doublings, if only the winner of the hand scores, whoever wins biggest once will generally win the whole game.

And then yesterday evening there was boardgaming after the baseball game over at Tom O's. Just me, since Jerry was wiped out after a full day of helping his brother move and kung fu studio dinner, and Greg isn't big on resource-management games. We played a game about bootlegging whiskey during Prohibition. It was fun. I was pleased to tie for second after a slow start. The economists, of course, were the ones to watch out for, but I think my instincts for how you need to balance production on several fronts were pretty good. Had a couple die rolls gone differently, I could have won, so I was pretty satisfied.

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