Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

The Busyness of Oops

Apparently I'm such a procrastinator that I now do it unconsciously and inadvertently.

I'm going to the National Science Teachers Association convention next Friday to demo my educational game (at stupid-early in the morning, I might add), so I need to update the support materials and suchlike because I'm gonna get a bunch of CD-ROMs burned to give away.

I've had the list of things I need to do for this hanging out on my whiteboard for a couple months, now, and I've been poking at it here and there over the last week or two, in the midst of all my other tasks. Y'know, figure out how much the CDs will cost, find out what account to charge them to, get the purchase order set up, etc. And then I had like three little updates to do.

Today I finally finished writing up the manual that explains how the game engine works (the "under the hood" document) and moved on to the rest of the updates.

Here followed a long period of realizing "oh, right, I need to fix that thing. And update that. And format that. And that. And that. And finish editing that. And find a graphic for that."

In short, I discovered that my todo list was about five times as long as I had been thinking it was, because somewhere along the way I forgot that the list of things on the whiteboard was just the extra tasks that I was adding to my already-existing todo list. Which is kinda long.

So I have lots of blog updates to make (spider punkin photos! Cranky kitty photos! Vietnamese pumpkin instructable!), but I'm probably going to be posting only scantily for the next few days, because oh crap. Busy.

Hi! *codes frantically*

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