Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

In lieu of posting, I have actually been writing (*gasp!*) fiction! 1600 words today. It's not NaNoWriMo, but maybe it'll go somewhere. I realized that figuring out who to cast as the characters in a movie version gave some interesting insights.

Board games at Chris's last night. Pillars of the Earth (Yet Another Cathedral-Building Game, mostly resource-management). I did well at my steady-medium-growth strategy, but Jeff beat me by 2 points at the end.

So I had the followup meeting with Boss's-Boss about that lunch meeting thing on Tuesday. The one I was feeling trepidatious about? It went well, though not how I expected it to. I went in and said "I've been thinking about the right way to do this, and the conclusion I'm coming to is that I think we'd be best served by taking a different approach," and she said "Okay!" And then she pulled some kind of management-jujitsu on me, and I ended up volunteering to write the first draft of our strategic plan. Whuh?

Not that I object -- I'm probably the best person to do it, honestly, because I can write well, I'm good at synthesizing, I can do it with no ego investment at all so that when it prods people into editing and rewriting I won't care, and I actually can afford the time to do it (after Thanksgiving) because I'm better about not overcommitting. But it really was not the conversation I had planned for. My respect for her has increased considerably.

This is another one of the incredibly valuable things I learned at TEP: sometimes things need doing, and it doesn't really matter whether or not it "should" be your duty to do it. If you're the person in the best position to do it? Just do it.

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