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A brief summary of the last couple days, just in case I don't get around to typing anything longer.
Tuesday: Second (and last) day of the conference, which continued to be TOTALLY AWESOME. Lots of good talks. Heard about A Force More Powerful, which is basically a training game for social activists, to teach them how to go about being non-violent in as strategic and effective a manner as the military is violent. The closing keynote speech was just as good as the opener, and just brought home the fact that these people know what good games really are, and why they are important. I even stayed for the post-mortem suggestion session. Now I have to figure out if I can get to GDC this spring somehow, for the serious games summit that'll be happening there.

After the conference ended, I went off to the airport and met Anna & Ryan for dinner, as well as Anna's sister and Dragon, the teenage girl she's mentoring (approximately). We had a nice dinner at a restaurant there, and there was much catching up and random flamage. I'd never met Anna's sister before, but it was very easy to talk to her, because she's an MIT alum from two years ahead of me. It's amazing how much that gives you in common. She knew all the code numbers. =)

Wednesday I slept in. After packing up and checking out of the hotel, I wandered over to the Mall and poked around all the monuments and stuff. Went over to the WWII memorial, which is very nice, as memorials go. Took a bunch of pictures of all the terrible picturesque views along the mall. Spent a couple hours at the Smithsonian gallery with all the Asian art. Made my feet very sad with all the walking. Finally hopped on the metro around 4, got on a plane at 6, and came home.

Today at work was mostly about unpacking and catching up. I got to miss all the director-search stuff, darn it to heck. I'm so dreadfully disappointed, really I am. Eric summarized it for me. At 3 I went to the dentist and got the temporary filling in my root-canaled tooth replaced with a permanent one. She just had me sit down in the chair and then she started drilling, and I was terrified for a moment before I realized that I didn't need any novocaine, because it can't hurt because there is no nerve! So that was fine.

This evening Jerry and I zipped up to Boulder and saw Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, which was beautiful and philosophical, as I'm sure you've heard. It was very good; I liked it. I think I will have to watch it again sometime to really get it, though. The first time through you're too occupied with figuring out what's happening to be able to process what it actually means. The visuals were superior to the original GITS, but I think I may prefer the storyline/script of the first movie, if only marginally. Definitely worth seeing.

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