Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Could Be Worse and Hudson Hawk

I'm back! Had a great trip. I'm nearly caught up on email from being away for a week with a busted laptop.

Speaking of which, I was able to get it running with a Knoppix bootable linux CD-ROM and copy all my important files off it onto a USB hard drive from work, hooray! But even the recovery CD-ROM that came with it would not get it working on its own again. So now it's at Best Buy service, where the guy thinks it probably has a bad hard drive. Boo. Buy yay for service plans and letting it be someone else's job to fix it, at least. And they can probably fix it in-house, rather than sending it away to be fixed, so double semi-yay.

Last night we watched Hudson Hawk as one of our So-Bad-They're-Good series for Movie Night, but I have to protest. I don't think it's actually a bad movie at all. I remembered enjoying it when I saw it in the theaters, and I enjoyed it just as much last night. I think it's very well done and quite entertaining -- but it doesn't, in any way, take itself seriously. I don't know why it's reputed to be an awful movie. It's a good movie, it's just very popcorn.

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