Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Wedding Update

So I went to a wedding! In San Francisco! It was awesome.

I flew in Saturday morning, went and hung out at Isle of Tortuga (Christy & Uboat's place) until it was time to get dressed, then Wes & Perlick & I went early over to the... community center? Wherever it was the wedding happened. I got to help put together magz™ for the table centerpieces, which was fun, but there were enough of them that we had to recruit minions to help. I read a poem (Stanislaw Lem's Love and Tensors, as it is called, from the Cyberiad) for the ceremony, which was short, sweet, and quirky. The reception featured dancing, tasty catering (cheesecake and tiramisu for wedding cake, yum!) and origami ninja stars. Yes. The bride and groom put instructions for them in the wedding program, so they had no-one to blame but themselves.

More pictures!
Yet still more pictures!

Stayed at Tortuga that night, and Sunday was mostly about brunch, which went from about 10:30 am until about 4 in the afternoon. More importantly, we made liquid nitrogen frozen cocktails. There's an Instructable. (I'm the one in a purple danger shirt who has a belly.) Please take note of my special safety mustache in step 2.

Spent that night at Death's place over in SF, after many hours of Rock Band with Chuck, Death, Colin, Jess, Wes, and a couple guys whose names I have, sadly, forgotten. Death, Chuck, and I met up with Bats and Xris (aka Paramecium Woman) for lunch at Tu Lun (awesomely tasty sketchy downtown vietnamese hole-in-the-wall) on Monday, then Batman & I went on an urban hike with Xris to Sports Dumpster, where she used to work. Some loitering at Tortuga that evening, then off to Brad & Janie's for New Years. And goggles.

GOGGLES MAKE AWESOME! (There's an explanation attached to the first photo in that set, but really it just boils down to the generalized awesomeness of goggles.)

And Tuesday I came home. Woot!

P.S.: Also, on the subject of awesomeness, I would just like to note that Spaced is one of the best sitcoms EVAR. Region-free DVD player FTW!

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