Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hithering, Thithering, and Yonning

The trek through the snow from Arlington to Somerville yesterday morning was cold and damp, but not unpleasant. T-Stop and Jessie (& Indy & Violet) kindly gave me use of their couch again to lounge upon during the day and sleep on during the night. Today was also cold but not snowy, and in fact it's clearing up a bit and I can see blue sky right now.

I can also report to you, OMFLJR (O My Faithful LiveJournal Readers) that I have checked and both quirkstreet and kev_bot are made of atoms, not bits!

Hung out with Pete last night after a flurry of email to arrange time and place. Upon googling his address, I was much amused to discover that it's all of about four blocks from T-Stop & Jessie's. So the question of "how will I get there and back" was resolved in favor of "just walk." Pete is great. I remain 0 for N in accurately guessing what people's voices will sound like before actually meeting them in person. (Likewise in guessing what someone's house will look like.) Also got to meet Alan (Pete's boyfriend) and Pepper (Alan's wife) and had lovely wide-ranging conversation and pizza. A delightful evening.

This afternoon, I took the T in to Boston & met Kev at the food court beneath the Pru for lunch. We only got to hang out for about half an hour, which was a shame because it was awesome fun times and we got along really well. I'm already anticipating my next trip to Boston, whenever it is. There are many more conversations to be had.

Tonight I'm staying with Dave & Paulo, and tomorrow I'm finally hopping on the plane back to Denver. This trip has been great, but I am looking forward to being home with Jerry and Greg for a good long while once I get back.

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