Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Weekend update

My writing muscles are stiff.

Jerry & I went and saw Cloverfield on Saturday, along with Chris & Todd and Kate and her sister. I enjoyed it a matinee admission's worth. It did a good job of being what it was. We sat way in the back, so the pukey-cam action wasn't too bad. I think people's reactions to the movie depend strongly on how they feel about the characters. I was sort of middle of the road, neither gripped with suspense nor overwhelmed with irritation. I mostly noticed more humor than I expected. Anyway, it was a movie. It was also good to see Chris & Todd.

D&D Saturday night, and then Sunday I went shopping with Greg (eating healthier means changing shopping habits) before running off to Neal & Rhonda's for a bit post-baptism party, since I haven't seen people in ages what with all the travelling. We watched Stagecoach and High Noon for movie night. I made an asian beef salad, which was good, and noteworthy mostly because the very thin-sliced beef had the wrong form-factor to stir-fry well, but I adapted by switching to a procedure of laying individual slices on the surface of the hot wok, then start taking the first one off as soon as the last one is down, re-oil wok using oil-soaked paper towel in tongs, and repeat.

Today I had the day off, Greg called in sick because he only got an hour of sleep last night, and Jerry called in sick because, it turns out, he has strep. Whee! Plus we got the snow and arctic cold my Mom got a day ago up in Nebraska.

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