Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Inadvertently blue food

For dinner last night, I made a fairly straightforward Burmese pork curry. You run 2 cups of onion, 15 cloves of garlic, and 4 tbsp of ginger through the food processor to make a paste, fry it in oil for 15 minutes, then add pork, turmeric and chili powder, stir it around a bit, then add a cup of stock + 1 tbsp of vinegar and simmer for an hour.

The interesting thing is that I used up half a leftover red onion in it, and as I cooked the paste it turned more and more blue-green, until by the end it was a somewhat alarming turquoise in color.

Ah yes, red onion is one of those foods that, like red cabbage, changes color depending on pH. (I guess fried garlic and ginger must be somewhat basic?)

I was worried that I would have to tell people over for movie night to "just eat it, don't look at it", but it turned a more food-colored brown once I added the turmeric, so all was right with the world. And people thought it was tasty, to boot, so I win. (Though I liked zalena's pot roast better, personally.)

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