Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Playing catch-up:

On Friday I went over to Keith's for some gaming preliminaries and ended up making a character. He's running a D&D 4e playtest (whee!) and I wanted to make sure that the stuff I enjoy doing in games would be a good match both for system and for what Keith wants to get out of running it, because I am a Responsible Gamer™. Of course I'm NDA'd eight ways from Sunday and can't say anything about it, but I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday Jerry & I took the Wii and the Xbox-360 and a bunch of other games over to Neal's for a gaming birthday party. (Greg stayed home, as he was all sick and stuff.) Many hours of, well, party and gaming ensued. I managed to win at 15-person Apples To Apples. Among our crowd, the judges will often go for the least appropriate card, rather than the most, but I realized on the way home that that doesn't actually make it any easier, since you have to go for actively inappropriate cards, not ones that merely don't match in an orthogonal kind of way.

And then last night I waw my Mom & Larry over at my brother's place on their way from Tucson back to Nebraska. My brother, who is a taxidermist, is getting 5000 flesh-eating beetles for cleaning off bones and stuff, so that's pretty cool.
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