Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Ooo, not tonight

There's been a muchness of rescheduling lately.

I think there was going to be the first run of Keith's 4E game on Friday, but it didn't happen, which is fine since I had forgotten it was Mah-Jongg night. That ended up moving from the Floyds' to our place at the last minute, but it wasn't a big deal. We had Mary & Mel & us, and we played four rounds. I think I've now played enough that I can start to think about strategy some. I definitely prefer the Western (aka little old Jewish lady) scoring system, although we're still not playing with the full complexity. Mary won big time with a couple rounds of some very nice sets of score doublings.

Saturday was when the three of us actually ended up at the Floyds'. We played Letterhead, which is mostly a deck of cards with letters and score values on them reflecting English usage frequency and various rules for playing games. You spell things, basically. I nearly won with "phobias" for quite a few points, but right at the end Greg pulled ahead of me with "jovial", which was worth even more. It's a game where you can't do a whole lot when it's not your turn, so it was good for visiting and chatting about this and that.

Yesterday we were going to visit the swanky chocolate store, but it snowed and we decided we'd all much rather just stay in.

And then tonight was a make-up night for D&D, but Alice has Evil Eye Virus Of Doom, which we would all prefer not to contract, so that's a no-go, too.

None of which is a matter for complaint, by the way; there have been plenty of things to do otherwise (bills, chores, reading, writing, etc.) and with the getting ready to move at work, I'm feeling busy enough anyway.

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