Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Somewhat moved in and racing for the galaxy

So on Monday I had the makings of a long-ish post on how moving makes me irritable. Since then, I have recovered my table and my whiteboards and have been able to unpack basically everything, and I am now feeling much more sanguine about the entire situation.

I still like my old office better for a number of reasons besides just simple inertia, but I'm beginning to be able to see the good points of the new office.

Still no computers, which does make it a little tricky to actually get anything done. Good thing I have my laptop and can ssh to linux machines elsewhere in the world...

Went over to Chris's for 2nd Wednesday Gaming Night and played Race for the Galaxy, which was a lot of fun. I definitely would like to play again sometime. It's a game where it's all about what cards you have on the table in front of you, and every cards you play requires you to discard other cards to pay for it. I think the strategic trick is to not get attached to the cards you have in your hand; if it's not something you can use right away, it's just a discard waiting to happen. Don't cling to cool cards hoping to use them six rounds from now. I usually have a hard time with that, but tonight I didn't, and I won. W00t!

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