Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


For movie night last night, we watched Karas. The general consensus is that it makes WAY more sense the second time you see it.

It also helps to be able to watch the second half of it, which is on a separate disc.

Regardless, it's got a whole lot of pretty. The first half especially had some really great scenes with the same kinetic feel as the good parts of the Matrix movies.

And the basic premise would make a pretty cool RPG. (Ooo, or a video game. Especially if you could capture the feel of the action...)

Today, because the roads were gross and I'd be working from my laptop either way, I telecommuted. Ended up going to Best Buy because the power cord for my laptop died. I'm getting a new one under warranty, but had to buy a $100 universal cord in the meantime, which I will feel no guilt about returning because (a) that's stupid expensive, (b) it's only because they can't be bothered to keep it in stock, and (c), it's what the service guy actually suggested I do.
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