Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


There was impromptu gaming at Chris's last night. We had planned to play Race for the Galaxy but ended up with 5 instead of 4 (me, Chris, Tom, Bryree, and Matt K.), and so we played Kingsburg.

It's got the usual collect resources to build stuff that gets you victory points thing going on, but the really novel mechanic is influencing the royal court. There are 18 advisors, numbered from 1 to 18. Each round, you roll three dice, and then you can hire advisors by placing one or more dice that total whatever the advisor's value is. Of course, the other players are doing the same thing, and each advisor can only be hired once. So there's an interesting strategic challenge of figuring out who to hire, which get even more complicated once you start collecting chips that add +2 to a set of dice, bonus dice, and/or the building that lets you adjust one set of dice up or down by 1. "Okay, I rolled 6-5-2, so I can do 8 and 5 or 7 and 6 -- except that Matt just took 8, the bastard!"

I didn't do very well (I think my strategy was well-diversified but didn't have enough focus) but I had a good time.

I need a new icon for "gaming".

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