Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Barbie knows and tells all -- 'cuz she's a biotech.

My fortune-telling prowess with Barbie cards remains unparalleled! (I can say that safely, knowing that pretty much nobody else does it.) Tarot night at Rose's with Rose, Alice, Rhonda, and Matt K. last night.

Barbie told Matt's fortune and gave him good advice about his workout at the gym. As more proof that really, it's all about the human pattern-matching engine, I realized after the fact that there were a couple elements that could have been interpreted in totally different ways. But the whole point is to throw out combinations of symbols and ideas that will give the querent a new context to think about the problem in, so apparently I'm pretty good at that.

I tried getting a reading for a fictional character, to help figure out one of his plotlines, but it didn't work very well. Got a possible germ of one or two new plot points, but mostly I just saw patterns that matched the bits where I already knew what was going on. Which, y'know, not surprising, really.

Today I worked from home, so I had time to go get a haircut, plus I severely trimmed back my mustache and beard. No complaints (my boyfriends say I'm sexy, and really, what else matters?) but every time I look in a mirror I'm a little bit surprised because it's different enough from how my reflection has looked for the last several months...

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