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4e Saturday night. Wen Chocolates on Sunday, then our final Movie Night with Justice League: New Frontier, and then board gaming over at Chris's with Bryree, Matt, and Jeff. Today I got my computer rewired at work and fielded a dozen issues by email and shopped and returned things on the way home. And on Saturday it was sunny and then it snowed and then Sunday it was sunny and then it snowed again and today it melted off but now it's cold again. And my Mom has called me a bunch of times with questions about various things they're getting rid of. And I did a smidge of consulting stuff this evening and we watched an episode of Heroes.

Which I suppose is why it feels like it's been ages since I last posted, even though it was actually, um, Saturday afternoon. Which is... the day before yesterday.


I would try to say something interesting, but tomorrow I have to pay bills and then I have an eye appointment and then a lunchtime lecture and then I should actually attempt to get something done in the afternoon because now that I can actually do things with my computer at work, there's a bunch of stuff that needs doing.

All of which is not so much in the way of a complaint, but more of a general question of dude, what is up with all of this stuff going on?

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