Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

And back again.

Drove back yesterday afternoon with a trunk full of boxes, paintings in the back, and a stuffed pheasant in the passenger seat. The vast open prairie is pretty in its way, but it's also uniform and empty in a way that I think is only made bearable by passing through it very quickly. I think about pioneers walking to the Rockies and it always just boggles me.

Paintings have been stashed in the top of the coat closet. We now have more platters than we'll ever use at once, and more bottles and jars of spices than I know what to do with. (Mom snuck the entire contents of her spice rack into a box labeled "kitchen stuff". If you need spices and live near us, please, come and get some! Seriously!)

It was a little weird to be dividing up the stuff in my parents' home and taking it away, but as my brother commented, it was a lot easier to do it now, with them helping, than in a few decades with them passed away. Mom's comment was that they really love that house, but can't imagine spending the rest of their lives in Harrison. And that it's a lot more house than the two of them need, and a house is like a purse: however much space it has, you will fill it with stuff.

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