Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Running hot and cold

It was 80 on Tuesday, and then yesterday it snowed, and today it was sunny and 60 again. This is kind of emblematic.

I went to a funeral on Tuesday morning. (A friend of my Dad's family; not someone I was close to, really, but going was the right thing to do.) Two things were clear: the deceased really was a genuinely good person, and two and a half hours is way too long for a funeral service.

So afterwards, I spent put stuff in storage and went to a movie. (RFBR again. Still funny the second time, picked up on some new things, so worth it.) Some domestic disharmony in the evening, but we got it worked out.

Yesterday I learned how to do SQL queries from the command line, and now I can figure out all kinds of statistics about who's using our data, so that was very cool. Went to Keith's and helped playtest an adventure he's running at a con this weekend. Got to play a character with a really interesting backstory/concept in a fun little noirish story, so that was also very cool. Weather was gross. Got home late.

Got some writing done today. Was middlingly productive at work. Put new minivan on the insurance. Had a hard time finding sun-dried tomatoes at Whole Foods on the way home. I'm now about a third of the way through watching The Italian Job and enjoying it quite a bit so far. It's a really slick film.

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