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Descent: Journeys In The Dark. I posted about this game before, but we played again on Saturday (the second scenario) and it was much, MUCH more balanced. Where by "we" I mean Jerry, Greg, Bryree, Chris, and Jerry's brother Larry. I volunteered to be odd man out and the Overlord's layabout intern, since I was had Keith's game that evening and would get my chance to smack things about then. The heroes won, but it was apparently a very close game. Apparently the secret is for the Overlord player to hoard threat and dole it out all at once, rather than in dribs and drabs.

Speaking of 4th Edition D&D, I'll just say that it really doesn't matter what system you're using when nobody in the group can manage to roll decently all evening long. We managed to catch the cleric on fire and he almost died because nobody could manage to make the roll to put him out. It was utterly pathetic. It was also hysterical.

Finished watching The Italian Job week before last. Was happy with it. I now cannot see a Mini Cooper without speculating what kinds of contraband it may be smuggling.

Black Books Series 2 was not quite as good as Series 1, but still plenty damn funny. The linkages of who has bit parts in whose shows is starting to seem like a pretty good way of finding new things I'll like.

X Saves the World (How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking). I got this on Friday. Finished it yesterday. I'm linking to it because you need to read it. It's short, but I finished it that fast because it's good. A lot of the ranting about, say, music and suchlike didn't really move me, but the point of the whole book is dead-on. I would call it inspirational if saying that didn't make my detached and ironical Xer heart feel faintly dirty. If you're unsure whether you want to read this book, go to the bookstore and turn to page 22(!) and take the GXAT, the Gen X Aptitude Test. You'll know. (And don't worry about what year you were born; X is a state of mind more than anything, and if you're moving in the circles to be reading this, odds are that's where you are.) Awesome awesome awesome.

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