Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Margaret Cho

We just got back from seeing Margaret Cho's show Beautiful. My throat hurts and my face hurts from laughing so much. Oh my god. She is a dirty, dirrrrty woman, but she is funny.

I try to keep things polite around here, so I can't really quote very much, but I will say that she appreciates the bears, because we feel beautiful, and we always have food, and... well I can't quote that part. Let's just say that the phrase "icy mountain stream" is now a delightfully naughty secret code phrase.

One of my favorite bits: "The pope is really mean. I think he's from Slytherin."

The opening act, Ian Harvie, was really entertaining, too. He's an FTM trangendered guy, and his act was not only funny but informative. That was pretty cool.

Chris & Todd came down from Loveland and we grabbed dinner at Woody's Pizza then carpooled down to the Paramount. It's a really lovely old theater, and I wish that more modern movie theaters and the like could be equally elegant. Saw ubermunkey in the crowd and went over to say hi in person. (I remain 0 for N at having people's actual voices sound at all like I hear them reading their writing.)

Definitely, definitely worth the money. (Oh, and did I mention that we had REALLY good seats? Ninth row back from the front!) Yeah. Awesome.

Thanks, us from four months ago! That was an awesome gift!

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